World Hunger: A Billion Hungry People

About 10 years ago world leaders agreed to the UN Millennium Development Goals, part of which called for a halving in the proportion of people who suffer from hunger between 1990 and 2015. The percentage of hungry people hasn’t changed much since then, but is again on the rise. A staggering 1 billion people worldwide are hungry.

Who wants to fix the problem? Well, of course the UN. The same ones who have probably done more harm than good already. Maybe they should just get out of the way of people who really want to help. The UN wants large sums of money for everything. From global hunger to the controversial global warming. They are just another level of government. Someone who wants to impose taxes, fees, surcharges, fines and anything else they can call a picking of your pocket.

It is the politicians, of which the UN is also comprised that cause most of the problems. There were plenty of warnings not to use corn for fuel. So what did they do? Force ethanol down your throats. You know, the place where food used to go. That is the main reason for your high food prices. Corn is used for a lot more than just a side vegetable.

Doesn’t seem like a tough choice – you can drill for oil or you can take the corn, who’s main purpose used to be for feeding people and livestock. I’m not sure people have learned the lesson yet about listening to these thieves. There are a lot of people who still feel it would be better to keep the temperature of the planet down a degree or two than to reap the benefit of longer growing seasons. If the UN and those who stand to profit from global warming had called it global cooling instead, they would at least look less like uncaring hypocrites.

The liberals involved in these things are able to do it by taking advantage of the cover of media bias. I did a google search for the term corn for fuel and at the top of the list I find 2 stories from CBS News from 1995 and 1996 praising ethanol. Dan Rather is given credit as a correspondent in The Ethanol Solution. Ugh. You know if a guy is caught pushing forged documents to influence a Presidential election – let’s listen to him when it comes to taking food off the table and instead into the tank. You wonder why the country has been tanking?

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