White House Needs to Stop Spending Precious Time Critiquing Everything Pat Robertson Says and Get Back to Defending the Nation

Between a war on terror, nuclear weapons being developed by hostile regimes and the communist China military buildup, I would think that every minute of the Administration’s time is priceless. A simple “no comment” would seem like the proper amount of time to spend critiquing Biblical quotes made by religious leaders. Referring to Pat Robertson’s remarks about divine punishment for dividing up God’s land in Israel, presidential spokesman Trent Duffy said, “Those comments are wholly inappropriate and offensive and really don’t have a place in this or any other debate”. In order to come to that conclusion shows that valuable time was spent going over Robertson’s comments. Can there be enough hours in a day for a President or his administration to waste such time? We have to assume he was speaking for the President. Let’s not forget the right of citizens to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Where is the “tolerance”?

Iran and North Korea are working frantically to develop nuclear weapons. They are like looters who see nobody with the will to stop them. They know the U.N. game. It’s a joke. I think it would be best because of all anti-semitism in the world to stop them before Israel does it. That would really stir the hornets nest.

More often than not, I think President Bush has done the right things. I still don’t know who is out there that has the guts to do a better job. But it’s time to kick it up a notch and stop screwing around. What we need is a Ronald Reagan. Someone who sends out a warning and the enemies of peace know better than to even think about trying anything. John F. Kennedy was willing to start world war III rather than to allow our enemies to circle us like vultures. He knew it was better to confront the enemy than to be a sitting duck. Now we have many enemies capable of wreaking havoc and trying hard to do so. History has always taught us that you cannot negotiate with murderous regimes.

Everyone is wasting time bickering over partisan issues. How much time has been consumed over the debate on Iraq? If there is one thing everyone should know about President Bush is that once he sets out to do something he usually sticks to what he says. So why consume so much time over something that is not going to be changed? There was no chance we were going to cut and run in Iraq. Politicians should voice their opinions and move on to things they can change. There are so many important issues that are ignored. What are our so-called leaders in there for?

Whether you believe in the Bible or just common sense, giving away Israel’s land to people who are committed to violence only puts them in danger. I think it is a tricky thing to credit individual happenings to God’s wrath. We all know that bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Time and chance happen to all… Most people believe in God and believe everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t speculate on the particular tragedy of Ariel Sharon, but I assume it didn’t catch God by surprise. Either he is in control of everything or he is not. It is an amusing argument that God is in control of everything but when disaster strikes it had nothing to do with him. He didn’t do it and he didn’t allow it. I guess he was off on a coffee break. It’s not even logical. In the long term Biblical warnings and principles always seem to come true. But in the short term it can be rather futile to try to figure out God’s purpose for most individual occurrences.

Pat Robertson is not in charge of terrorist Iran. He is not assembling nuclear weapons. He has received more negative press for quoting the Bible than Iran’s president has for wishing Ariel Sharon dead. One thing about Pat Robertson — he is not a monday morning quarterback. He was saying these things before they happened. He is also one of the biggest supporters of Israel and a friend of Sharon’s. His remarks were ill timed, but would it be better for him to promise virgins in heaven to those who murder Jews and Americans? Let’s try to get a grip and put things in perspective.

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