When We Will Leave Iraq

President Bush said today: "When we start drawing down our forces in Iraq, it will be because our military commanders say the conditions on the ground are right, not because pollsters say it’ll be good politics." That is consistent with what he has said all along. If he does anything other than that, he will be a liar and will have compromised the safety of the United States of America and the world for that matter.

So much time wasted by our leaders trashing our soldiers and the war effort. Dividing Americans in a time of war. Time that could have been spent uniting, instead of dividing. Time that could have been spent actually trying to make things better, instead of trying to elevate their own political ambitiions. The same goes for the media in general and some entertainers taking advantage of a difficult situation and playing on peoples emotions in an attempt to advance thier own careers and agendas.

Even though the troup surge in Iraq was announce earlier in the year, it is just going into full operation. What a slap in the face to the military to say they have failed when that aspect of the war is just getting started. If it doesn’t work then another adjustment should be made and we should press on until victory is achieved. Let’s learn the lesson of Vietnam. The lesson is not to cut and run. The lesson is to NOT tie the hands of the military and lose a war in the media.

There will be mass genocide in Iraq if we tuck tail and run. That should be enough reason to stay. How do we selectively decide which groups of people we allow to be slaughtered? We save the people in Darfur because Hollywood do-gooders want to look like they care, but let the Iraqi’s die? What hypocrisy! Why allow terrorists to flourish in Iraq, but go after them in Afghanistan? If we do these things, then it is about appearances and not about doing what needs to be done.

These are terrorists committing terrorist acts in Iraq. There are connections not only to Iran, but to Russia and China. If they are aiding those who aid terrorists are they not a threat themselves? Not to mention when Russian or Chinese weapons wind up on the ground in Iraq. It is a dangerous world, and if we don’t confront Iraq, Iran and reign in Russia and China, the freedoms you enjoy today will become lost forever. That is pretty serious. There are serious things happening in the world and burying our heads in the sand will not make it go away.

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