Wake Him Up So He Can GO GO

Somebody needs to help this poor bastard. It’s now being reported that George Michael was caught in a daze sleeping at a traffic light. He slept through four light changes before a motorist woke him up by tapping on his window. He drove off erratically like a drunk or stoned person might. In February he was caught sleeping at the wheel in posession of pot. Only about a month ago he ‘whammed’ into three cars trying to park his own vehicle.

It was nearly a year ago I wrote the blog entry ‘George Michael in Crisis’ on this site. Now he has become a bona fide public menace. Hopefully he doesn’t come over here. What’s wrong with this guy’s squash that he can’t take a cab or a limo or just have some schmoe drive him around when he’s drunk/stoned? Bad enough what he’s doing to himself, but it won’t be funny when some innocent person’s life get’s ruined because of drugs. He should be locked up or put in rehab for his own good, not to mention the safety of others. It’s really sad to see. This would make a good ‘just say no’ public service announcement. Maybe he would see it himself and turn it around before it’s too late.

George Michael Wakes Up At Traffic Light George Michael Wakes Up At Traffic Light 2

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