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NASA is working on this thing that is supposed to turn urine into drinking water. They have actually tried it out. I know there are practical applications for such a thing in the area of space travel, but if this is being considered the potential answer to the worlds water shortage(and it is), I think the money could be much better spent.

Seems to me if you are going to invest tons of money working on such a contraption that alternative ideas would be preferable. How about working on taking salt out of ocean water? There isn’t a microscope close to big enough to convince me that urine water is the equivalent to fresh water. They are trying to say it is cleaner. I don’t care if it wins taste tests and the Betty Crocker seal of approval. There has got to be a better way.

Even if it works and there are no harmful long term effects, it would not make life livable where clean water does not exist. You would need to recycle liquid from sweat and respiration, and that still would not provide clean water for baths, cooking and washing clothes. So it’s not really doable here on earth, yet even 3 years ago this was reported, not only as something NASA was pumping money into, but as a way to give clean water to people living in poor countries. If they can pull that off, no doubt they could have done something far more civilised, such as purifying other sources of water.

It’s getting scary some of the ideas the environmentalists and politicians are coming up with. Trying to do away with flushing toilets and recycling “waste” as well as other creepy ideas. If these things actually take off you can bet that someday they won’t be optional. All the money spent on ideas that seem almost barbaric could be better spent, that’s for sure.

The amount of money put into these kinds of research is mind boggling. How about inventing a machine that will store rainwater for the purposes of toilet flushing? Make a really efficient model and you could have drinking water with a little more yum potential than pee. It’s not a crazy idea in comparison to what is actually happening.

I can’t believe some of these things are even considered. Toilets that use little or no water and urine drinking water… The same people who try to save us from pollution would have us with unsanitary bathrooms and drinking our own urine. You may think I’m wandering in thought here, but I’m trying to make a broader point. These nuts try to outlaw bug sprays and the result is infestation and disease. Look at what they did with DDT. When they banned DDT malaria came roaring back and over a million people a year die of malaria worldwide. Ethanol was pushed on us, and food prices went up as a result. When they screw up, it is a tough road getting them to go back to square one.

All these nutty things seem to have the same kind of origins. Some do-gooder politician/environmentalist who are only trying to advance themselves at the expense of everyone else. They’ll tell you how you are saving the world, but the reality is that they spent the money and did the research on bizarre ideas, instead of in more thought out areas.

I really wonder sometimes if they just want to see how far they can push some of their demented ideas on the public. A lot of people don’t even question this stuff. If you’ll drink your own piss, and you’re not hallucinating in the desert, they have done a good job at taking away some of your sense of decency as a human being. After they have you drinking your own urine, I can only wonder if, in the future they will have some tasty treat in mind for dinner.

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  2. Gene says:

    I think taking water out of the air is far more sensible. good luck with the technology.

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