Ungrateful Christian Cult Members Rescued After Member Pays Ultimate Price for Peace Activism

This thing gets sadder and more ridiculous by the day. There were four peace activist Christian cult members who basically blame America and Britain for the all the terrorist’s actions. One of their members ended up being tortured and murdered by the terrorists. Now, Coalition soldiers risk their lives to save the remaining three, and they are still blaming America and Britain for the violence. This is really twisted. Where is the gratitude? They gladly accepted the rescue. They didn’t refuse it.

These members are a part of a cult. What is a religious cult? Well, most are based on taking just a handful of scriptures and ignoring the rest. This is how people get sucked in, because it is based on some fact, and then perverted to obtain the various objectives of the leaders. I don’t know if these members are leaders of the cult or mindless sheep who are unable to find out for themselves the real truth. You can generally tell who is a member of a false religion by the fact that they will repeat the same scriptures over and over again. They take them out of context and ignore all the other scriptures, which bring the truth into focus.

I’m not going to preach to you. I don’t have all the answers. I can’t convince you the Bible is true. But I can say with certainty that the Bible does not advocate laying down arms to murderers. That is a complete twisting of what the Bible says. How many books do you know of that you can you take a verse out of it and that’s all you need to understand that book?

Why are we sending troops in to save people who willingly put their lives in danger and side with the enemy? Of all the demands on the military, why are they being sent in for this? We are supposed to be fighting for freedom, not for those who aid the terrorists. These cult members should probably be thrown in prison for sedition. Under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, about 80 cult members, including women and children were murdered by our own government. Remember Waco? They didn’t even free the children. That was considered okay, but fighting the terrorists is considered abuse of authority.

Where is the anger from these activists for the murder and torture of their friend? Can you be a human being and not be angry when a comrad or loved one is murdered? Let me guess – they forgive the murderers. Do the terrorists seek forgiveness? How can you forgive the murderers and not forgive those who save you?

They gave the terrorists the “understanding” they felt they were lacking. What they got in return was the murder of one of their members and torture. They proved why we need to fight these animals, yet they didn’t learn anything from the experience.

I used to like to scan headlines to see what’s going on in the world. You can’t do that anymore if you want to be even remotely informed. If you scanned the headlines you might only know that a peace activist was “found dead.” You might only know that the remaining “aid members” were “freed.” This is what some of the major headlines have said. You have to read the fine print to know about the murder and torture committed by the terrorists – about being freed from their captors by the people they blame.

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