Truman Show or Today Show?

Today Show Stunt Caught on Tape
Today Show Stunt Caught on Tape!

Just in case you missed this one, I felt a need to post it and officially make it a part of history. This is from a recent Today Show where the news reporter was telling the liberal Katie Couric and company how hard it was to navigate the torrential flood waters in Jersey. In the middle of the pretend reality, two men, apparently unaware of the deception, walked in front of the boat. If you saw the tape, you saw the classic “deer in the headlights” look from the reporter. It was an instant classic. I can see why she had trouble navigating. The boat was probably bottoming out. Sometimes you just can’t beat live tv! I’m gonna go out on a limb and rule out that it’s Jesus and Peter walking in front of the boat.

We already know the network news is little more than smoke and mirrors. There to influence more than inform. Is anything real on the networks anymore? We saw hurricane coverage with all these brave reporters standing in the middle of incredible winds and rain with metal flying by fast enough to cut them in half. The only thing we didn’t see was them firing back into the storm like Rambo. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Especially when some of these guys don’t look strong enough to withstand a good sun shower. I saw one reporter who kept taking wind readings with a handheld wind meter which kept reading numbers in the 30’s. He explained that it must not have been working properly, but you can’t help but wonder. With the wonders of technology he could have been flying a kite in the park on a sunny day while doing his hurricane coverage. We live in a world where reality tv isn’t always so real and real tv news is now pretty much a farce. Bits and pieces of truth tied together by insinuations and accusations. Sprinkled with some deceptive poll numbers to make it look like it’s the public driving the news instead of the news media driving the public.

Food For Thought:

People are flocking in increasing numbers to places like to find the missing pieces of the news that they are just not getting in the places they used to. The network news ratings continue to tank, while places like this continue to grow, providing more evidence of that. It’s ironic that ratings have tanked in large part because people are tired of being deceived by the news media. Now they almost need to deceive as a financial necessity. Pretending to be places they aren’t or spicing up a story to add an element of danger that does not really exist. I guess the old question applies. Where’s the beef? It’s right here, baby! Blog Chow. What did you think I was talking about? Perhaps a better question is: Is it real or is it NBC?

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