‘Today Show’ Anti-American Propaganda Machine

The phony of the century Katie Couric may be gone, but the sneaky anti-American tactics of the ‘Today Show’ continue. They might as well be waiving a flag for one of the terrorist organizations out there. A larger portion of society than ever realize the major news media in the United States is for the most part a liberal propaganda machine, but I think less people realize that some shows like the ‘Today Show’ are just as bad. They may even be worse because they try to come across as such friendly everyday people. Wolves in sheep’s clothing is more like it.

I caught about 5 minutes of the Today Show this morning. That was enough for me. They continue to portray American Soldiers as monsters. It seems our soldiers are always guilty until proven innocent. It would at least be nice if they spent as much time going back and covering the stories that turn out to be fase as they do the next series of accusations. Soldiers are like most other groups of people, there are a percentage of bad ones. You can focus on any group and give the illusion that they are bad. Police officers, firemen, teachers, doctors… Oh yeah, let’s not forget about priests. After reporting about every accusation they could come up with, the media has convinced some people that you must be a pervert if you are a priest. Never mind the fact that a large percentage of the accusations turned out to be false. Strange how the media focuses on certain groups.

Not only did my 5 minutes of the Today Show see more negative coverage of American Soldiers, but these liberal anti-Americans were gleeful at the prospect of negotiating and helping out Iran’s terrorist, nuclear weapon seeking regime. This they like. Surprise surprise.

The Media Reseach Center reported the following quotes from an interview conducted by Ann Curry on Monday’s ‘Today Show’ in regards to traditional marriage:

“Why are we wasting time on this when there are so many more pressing issues to be addressed? We are in the middle of a rising public debate about the war with Iraq and Haditha and hurricane season is coming. Why, in your view, is the President attacking gay marriage now?”

Notice how support of traditional marriage is automatically interpreted as an attack on homosexuals. And what more do we need to hear on the Iraq debate that we haven’t heard a million times? We will be there until the Iraq army is capable of taking care of itself, which probably isn’t all that far off. Notice how hurricane season seems to be a more important topic than the war on terror and the illegal alien invasion. What about hurricane season? It comes every year. Are our elected officials supposed to abandon their duties to watch the weather channel? We already saw last year that even when a monster hurricane bears down on a major city, many citizens don’t heed the warning. Hopefully next time more people will leave. We live in a time when we get a lot of warning about impending hurricanes. When one gets ready to strike, just leave. What does hurricane season have to do with preserving traditional marriage?

The more you pay attention to the Today Show the more you will realize they represent an anti-American Soldier, anti-Conservative, anti-Christian, anti-traditional family view. Even anti-straight male. Whey don’t they spend more time covering the corrupt liberal politicians and the inconsitent and outrageous rulings by some of the liberal judges out there? It’s because that’s who they have aligned themselves with. I know this may come as a surprise to some people who don’t follow politics, but you should at least be aware of the fact that you are barely getting half the story of what’s going on out there. Usually the wrong half. They sprinkle it with just enough truth to make it credible to those who are simply expecting to see honest news and some harmless entertainment. Should it be a surprise that Katie Couric is off to follow in the footsteps of discredited Dan Rather?

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