Those Who Ridicule Sarah Palin Fear Her Success

Sarah Palin is the target of vicious attacks for a reason. It is because she has energized true conservatives who were completely left out of the process of electing a President. The media pushed John McCain like he was the greatest thing since Abe Lincoln in the primaries. Reason: He was far from the Ronald Reagan Conservative they fear so much. The media figured the worst case scenario was that they got the candidate they believed they had the best chance to manipulate.

John McCain is an American hero, but the reality of it all is that he was the least favorite pick amongst Conservatives. Then onto the scene came Sarah Palin. All those Conservatives suddenly saw something that brought them hope. Whether you like her views or not, she actually ran as good a campaign as any Vice Presidential candidate ever has. She certainly was a better speaker with more likable qualities than the highly touted Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden made historic blunders as Obama’s pick. So what went so wrong that she has been so viciously attacked?

Nothing went wrong, except success. She did a phenomenal job. She was thrust into this race by surprise with no preparation and she delivered right off the bat. She did it with a message that would have made Ronald Reagan proud. Unfortunately in this political climate, that comes with the vicious attacks. The template for liberals is to ridicule and make a caracature of such a person. Make that person self conscious of their every move and get as many superficial people as possible to turn against them. It’s not complicated and it’s sadly become very predictable.

The intensity of vicious attacks in the case of Sarah Palin are mainly because she is so beloved by such a large percentage of people, thus striking fear into the hearts of liberals. No doubt there are some people, who do not want a woman in there as well. There are plenty of attacks from jealous catty women. It is interesting to watch the real nature of some people, including those like Oprah Winfrey. Hypocrisy runs wild and it exposes people like that to those who are paying attention.

There might be a few people on the political scene who might “poll” a little higher, but there is nobody who hits the ball out of the park with so many people as the Alaska Governor. She is somebody for liberals to fear. She is everything Hillary isn’t and she is even everything John McCain isn’t.

My fear is that the efforts to hurt her and her family will succeed enough to make her not want to be a candidate in 2012. She is someone who is not afraid to call out the media and speak up for her beliefs. I believe she was restrained by the McCain campaign. McCain has a lot of that political correctness thing going on. It probably cost him the Presidency. Without Sarah Palin, it probably wouldn’t have even been a race.

Sarah Palin will be doing an interview next week with Greta Van Susteren. We will see where she is at right now. She has to be shell shocked from the attacks from liberals, the biased media, and even some sore losers in the McCain camp. With all due respect to John McCain – Picking Sarah Palin was the smartest thing he did in this campaign, even though he was unable to come up with the victory.

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  1. movie fan says:

    If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her… but that may not work in her favor

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