The Truth Continues to be a Victim of the Major News Media Outlets

Doctored Reuters Photo
Doctored Reuters Photo

The major media uses a lot of tricks to distort the news, but sometimes they just plain fake it. The latest major news organization to publish a fake photo is Reuters. They were caught by fellow bloggers in an attempt to make Israel look bad. There’s a surprise. This was one of two that photographer has been caught doctoring. These were obvious cases which were caught by the naked eye. Not caught by Reuters however. This guy had some 920 photos used over course of about 12 by this news organization. Makes you wonder how many he got away with and what kind of influence they may have had. Reuters has now pulled them all, obviously trying to cover their butts after the fact.

Reuters has published a “picture kill” box which doesn’t tell you that they have been publishing photos that have been doctored using photoshop. Why is it that 90% of the time the errors and manipulations are anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, and anti-Israel? Or should I say work in the favor of the liberal and terrorist point of view? Again, once you start paying close attention you will start noticing how the major media outlets try to influence opinions and use a variety of techniques to achieve it. There is a good column on the website called ‘The media war against Israel’. It does a good job of showing the worldwide effort to distort what is going on. It is a relentless attack on the truth.

There have been many examples of news which has been distorted or reported in misleading ways such as reports of 40 people being massacred only to find out a few hours later that one person died. They report in a way that makes it look like Israel targets civilians. They quickly report the number of people killed in attacks, but they seldom differentiate whether they are civilians or terrorists. When Israel is accused of killing civilians they report that quickly and repeatedly. When it turns out to be false, that information is reported much less and they basically use the media version of read the “fine print.” It’s page one for the continual misleading news and accusations and page 10 for the retractions. You get the point. You have to really be paying attention to realize the stories they hammered you with turned out to be much different than reported.

They under report the fact that terrorists are hiding behind civilians and are in populated areas. They don’t know whether or not their own photos are altered. They don’t question how shiny new bicycles show up undamaged in a pile of rubble. They are quick to show those photos even though common sense often tells you the scene was tampered with well after the bombs hit, frequently giving the appearance something happened that really didn’t. Do you think the terrorists aren’t aware of the way the media slants what is going on? Do you think murderers wouldn’t add bodies of people they murdered themselves to a bombed building to make it look like the Isreali bombs killed them?

There are going to be civilian deaths in any war. It is amazing there haven’t been far more. It actually shows the restraint by Israel. Israel has been hit by over 2,000 rockets since this war with the Hezbos started. This is a fact that should be reported in every legitimate newscast covering this war. That will paint a better picture of why Israel is using the force it is. Isn’t it strange that’s not reported far more often? The majority of deaths caused by terrorists are civilians. The vast majority caused by countries like Israel or the United States are terrorists. Don’t expect the images and news stories to consistently make it look that way. A big effort is being made to make it appear that if only Israel stopped fighting back everything would be wonderful. Forget the fact that there have been more cease-fires in the Middle East than anywhere. It’s worked well, hasn’t it? It just doesn’t work with murderers. The same way not having police doesn’t lead to fewer crimes.

The news is aimed at people who either don’t pay close attention or simply aren’t very bright. You need to understand that there are a lot of people in the media trying to impress upon you their own twisted views. The facts often get in the way of their effort to influence opinion. There are enemies in the media. If you know someone who habitually tries to con you, aren’t you suspicious of anything they say that you can’t verify? You should be. Better yet, you should turn to people who are honest. The point is: be aware of the propoganda going on in the media or you will likely turn into the sucker they hope you are.

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