The Toon Wars – Forbidden Cartoons

Let me see if I can get this all straight. Cartoons, TV shows and so called artwork depicting Christians and Jews in a negative way is “freedom of speech”. Cartoons that put radical Islam in a negative light is “hate speech”. A Cross in a jar of piss is “art”. Terrorists are just people in need of “understanding”. How am I doing so far? Jews created AIDS. Christians are “intolerant”. And on and on and on and on…

Now because of a few goofy cartoons, radicals and liberals have been screaming up a storm and rioting… Some people in this life need an excuse to justify what they were already going to do no matter what. It’s like people who riot after their team loses the Super Bowl. It’s not like they are wrapped too tight to begin with. Any excuse will do. Same old story. Some people can do unto others, but woe is them when it is reversed. We’d all be dead if Christians and Jews reacted this way every time they are insulted. Some of these radicals have even used cartoons that weren’t intended for them to stir up violence. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

one of the forbidden muhammed cartoons
One of the forbidden cartoons

You can see the rest of the forbidden cartoons here. For a smorgasborg of Mohammed toons and some others you can check them out here. Remember, let’s be tolerant of other people’s freedom of “artistic expression”. I believe the cartoon below pretty much sums it all up better than I can. You will have trouble finding this stuff in the traditional media outlets. I’m not afraid to publish “all the news that’s fit to be censored” by the New York Times.

Most of these cartoons are mild compared to what the other side puts out. I’ve seen some cartoons that made me feel ill after seeing them. Not just the graphic ones, but ones that make mock victims of the holocaust and similar things. You can get an idea of some of those twisted types of cartoons here. Hypocrisy everywhere you turn. It’s ok to say Jesus might have been gay just to be blasphemous, but to question whether Mohammed was a pedophile for being with young girls is wrong.

Some people just need to get a sense of humor. Some cartoons and jokes are pretty generic and are funny no matter who you are picking on. We are getting to the point where any kind of humor is considered bad. You need sensitivity training for having a sense of humor.

Now I’m off to make some art. I’m low on toilet paper and I’m bringing the Koran to the bathroom. What? I was gonna read it, not flush it. Besides, it might clog up the toilet. Oh, get over it. Soon everything will be back to normal. Mean cartoons about terrorists will be a memory. “Misunderstood” radical Islamic terrorists will be back to chopping off the heads of defenseless little girls. Christian, Jew and America bashing will once again be the “in thing” to do. The old reliable liberal media will do their best to make it all seem right.

Muslim cartoon hypocrisy

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