The Reason Bin Laden is Afraid of Martyrdom?

I have long wondered why someone like bin laden, who encourages martyrdom, hides in a cave, instead of becoming a martyr himself. I figured it was simply because he was a coward, but now perhaps there is a better theory. Homeland Security Adviser, Fran Townsend said: “This is about the best he can do “a man on a run, from a cave, who’s virtually impotent…” She made the impotent reference a couple times on the Sunday talk shows. I guess that would explain why he is in no hurry to meet up with all those virgins. I guess they might be virgins for a very long time. I think there might be 72 very disappointed two ton women, and a badly beaten 6’5 rag doll.


note: Even if alive, bin laden is merely a symbol of terrorism. If he is captured or we find out he is dead, the war on terror will not be over. Bin laden is neither a leader, nor a martyr. Just a sickly stick figure hiding in a cave, if not buried in one.

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