The Pope Forgets Israel?

On Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI gave a speech denouncing terrorism in Britain, Egypt, Turkey and Iraq. He failed to mention a terrorist attack against Israel which killed 5 less than 2 weeks prior. It shouldn’t need mentioning, but apparently it does for many, that the Jews are the most persecuted of all people in the history of mankind. Hard to believe anyone could forget, but we’ll give the Pope a pass on that one. Likely just a careless mistake, but with such blatant anti-Semitism in high places these days, one can’t help but wonder.

In regards to Israel and the Jews, it never ceases to amaze me how people can make excuses for terrorists and then bash the Jews. If we’re gonna play the excuse game then there isn’t much Israel could do that wouldn’t be justified given what they have been through.

**note: The prophet St. Malachy predicted before his death that there would be 112 more popes before the return of Christ. He apparently accurately listed characteristics of each pope up to the present time. We are now on pope 111, who is 78 years old. With everything seemingly in place, it bears keeping an eye on any pope from this point on. Especially if you start seeing a watered down version of Christianity or “One World Faith” approach from the pope… We are already seeing the watered down version of Christianity in many places. I mean we have homosexual priests who say the bible does not speak out against such things. The name Jesus is not politically correct. Please replace it with just a generic “God”. Even the word Christmas is no longer used by many stores and political leaders. “Happy holidays” and “seasons greetings” show up more and more each year without even a mention of Christmas. Pay attention at Christmas time. I mean, during “the holidays”. Remember, you gutless politically correct out there, it’s “seasons greetings”, not Merry Christmas.

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