The Italian Terri Schiavo

I haven’t done a Terri Schiavo murder update in a while. The Supreme Court of Italy has ruled food and hydration can be removed from 37 year old Eluana Englaro, who has been in a coma for a long time following an automobile accident.

I don’t care what condition a person is in, why do you have to kill someone by withholding food and water? Shouldn’t the innocent be given a more dignified way out than that? This is more than just the controversy over where the line is drawn on someone with a brain injury.

We don’t execute mass murderers in such a horrible way. I’m definitely not advocating that people continue to be put to death because they are not able to take care of themselves, but these people who justify and legalize it cannot come up with a more humane way than this? Most people wouldn’t let an animal starve and die of dehydration, even if it were unconscious.

When cases like Terri Schiavo are allowed to occur, the threshold for what is allowed and tolerated by society slowly grows. There is always some justification to push the envelope a little further. Euthanasia? It is such hypocrisy. If someone is so far gone that they don’t feel any pain, then just let them die in dignity. You are not allieving their suffering by putting them to death. If they indeed do feel pain, then what monster would cut off food and drink to such a person?

Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo comments on the ruling:

“It seems to indicate that American ‘medical ethics’ are spreading like a virus among the international community, threatening countless numbers of elderly, ailing and disabled persons in an increasing and alarming way.”

“Our heart goes out to this family as we know very well the profound affect that these types of injuries can have on loved ones. However, we must remember that we have a grave obligation to do all we can to protect those with disabilities, recognizing that a person with a brain injury is a human being with an inherent dignity and a right to life. This young girl needs only food and water and her family’s love to survive. At the very least this should be provided to her.”

When abortion was legalized I doubt many people thought we would be debating the hideous practice of partial birth abortion. There would probably have been a lot less support for it back then had they only known. Lawmakers and groups with ulterior motives do find justification for just about anything. Then the bar slowly lowers. The problem is that enough is just never enough.

Who will we be taking out of their misery 20 years from now? Will being elderly or retarded be enough of a justification? Will we “abort” 6 month old babies because they are not showing the proper development and may have previously undetected brain issues? Unless people start paying attention to these things, I suspect we will be a lot closer to that than people can imagine. Partial birth abortion? For many it is not even the slightest concern now.

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