The Generous Dick Cheney You Aren’t Supposed to Know About

I wanted to make sure you knew about this just in case you blinked this past week. Vice President Dick Cheney donated 6.87 million dollars to charity last year. That’s 6.87 MILLION. You won’t hear much about it, that’s for sure. There is a better chance you heard that he is getting a 1.9 million dollar refund. Of course, for those who like to know the whole truth, he paid in 2.46 million. Compare that to 1997 when Al Gore gave just $353 to charity on an income of $197,729. It’s true. That’s from CNN as well as the Washington Post and other major news organizations as well. Incredible, but true.

We come armed with the facts here at ‘Blog Chow.’ Not endless one-liners and conspiracy theories. Sometimes I have to read the fine print to find the facts, but I do it. Imagine if that was a major Conservative who donated $353 for a year while in the ‘White House.’ You would never hear the end of it. Oh, those generous and compassionate liberals! Always thinking of the little guy. Your kindness just warms the heart.

The way it is reported you might think Dick Cheney used loopholes to somehow mine for money that wasn’t his. But the news media was pretty truthful in it’s reporting. At least they made sure they gave the part they feel we Earthlings should know about. Enough so the simpletons will have another distorted one-liner to foam at the mouth about. That sliver of truth that can make a good story look like a scandal.

Since Dick Cheney, with major health issues is nearing the end of his political career, he really had no incentive to give such large amounts to charity. It’s not like he is going to get much credit for it anyway. There are still some people in this Country who live the American dream and still give back. People who do more than talk. They actually help and they don’t run around bragging about it. Compare that to a lot of these entertainers who give a million and get 5 million back in publicity. Compare that to Al Gore’s $353 year of Vice Presidential generosity.

I know it’s not Al’s fault. He is busy saving us from global warming. Or is it global cooling? But anyway… I’m sure Al knows. Al knows everything. Everything, except how to give to the needy. Maybe it’s a genius thing. Einstein didn’t know how to tie his shoes and Al doesn’t know how to open his wallet.

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