The Folly of Kennedy and Schumer

Ted Kennedy recently said he wanted to know whose side Judge Roberts was going to be on. Myself, I would like to know what side the referees are going to be on in the super bowl. What? Referees are supposed to be impartial? Yeah, I know but I want to cash a big bet on the game. Kennedy wants, well, I don’t really know what Kennedy wants. Apparently not impartial Supreme Court Judges. Maybe he wants more of our rights taken away. Remember, it was the liberal Supreme Court Justices who recently voted your personal property rights away. Why doesn’t Ted “hiccup” Kennedy spend his time speaking out against that? There is a reason. For one, he’s shown time and time again that he doesn’t care. The second reason is that Ted is really just a liberal attack dog. I’ve never seen him debate on the issues. He attacks. It’s all cheap publicity and pandering to the extreme left wing. Same ole same ole.

Right in the mold of Ted Kennedy is Senator Chuck Schumer. Schumer has displayed an absolute lack of knowledge on the three branches of government. On the tv show “Nightline” he said “The Supreme Court makes law. We hope they do it by interpreting precedent and follow the legislature. But they make the law.” Besides showing an embarrassing and disturbing lack of knowledge, it is a dangerous view. It is a liberal Supreme Court that has been stripping away your rights. Yet, people like Chuck Schumer choose to speak out against people with character rather than the ones perverting justice. They claim to be out for the little guy. But when it comes down to actually standing up and doing something, they are nowhere to be found. That is true liberalism.

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