Thank China and Liberals the Next Time You Pump Gas

China continues to gobble up the world’s oil supply to feed it’s military machine and to assault the United States economy. Wait, did I say that? I mean, to fuel it’s own growing economy. Yeah, that’s it. China must have noble intentions. After all, we are only their sworn worst enemy. This time it’s an oil company of our “friends” to the north. You remember Canada, don’t you? First, they sell out the sanctity of marriage and now they “sell out” to communist China.

Meanwhile, back at home, liberals still don’t want to drill for oil in an oil rich, remote area of Alaska. But that’s OK because we have all that oil in Iraq, right? Remember, that’s why we went over there. So the evil Mr. Bush could steal their oil. You do remember the liberals crying about that? So gas isn’t really rising in price. We have an abundant supply. So let’s continue to ignore China’s oil takeovers just like we ignore their human rights violations. After all, we have terrorist’s rights to worry about… It all makes sense now. :crazy:

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4 Responses to Thank China and Liberals the Next Time You Pump Gas

  1. Jerry Vilhotti says:

    What if the divided states of America unites in this idea? People decide that since gas is going to go up to around $6 dollars or more a gallon – they do not drive their vehicles nor go to work for a few weeks ( those who can afford to do this) would the profiteers then finally get a heart and slash their billions of dollars of money making to perhaps half and or our so-called “leaders” put a freeze on the gougers and say – enough all ready?

    All the gods looked away as Zeus began chewing the back of his hand – thinking indeed the Dark Ages was making its full comeback in the dark clothing of fear, uncertainty, self-hate and indifference. The Echo from The Litchfield Hills

  2. Jerry Vilhotti says:

    If our “leaders” sincerely wished to protect us from harm with their pseudo words about securing our borders that now has a tunnel nearly a half mile long and we wouldn’t be surprised to see our enterprising money-makers setting up toll booths, they should firstly enforce the laws that are all ready on the books by arresting and fining – a large sum of moneys and not a slap on the wrist like a thousand dollars – employers who welcome cheap labor like antebellum plantation owners and secondly resurrect another Ellis Island and allow people to register as our parents, grandparents … did so let’s cut the meaningless words out and elect leaders who really represent their people and not their own self-interests and their buddies whom they call “mentor lobbyists” which allows them to retire on our taxes at about eighty-five thousand dollars a year while ignoring our pensions that are being devoured by greed; pouring our dollars away on gas prices that are making billions for – we won’t mention any names. All our glorious leaders sit smugly as the country slowly goes swirling down the toilet into rivers and then into deep oceans …. Jerry & Dorothy Vilhotti from a simpler place in time somewhere among the Litchfield Hills, USA ….

  3. Jerry & Dotty Vilhotti says:

    A civilization is judged by how it treats its children and senior peoples. By that standard we have dismally failed. The dark ages has made its full comeback; beckoning us to return to our caves when meaning had the same parents as now: fear and superstition producing non thinking children called clichés and platitudes. Jerry&Dotty in a simpler place in time somewhere among the Litchfield Hills ….

  4. Jerry & Dotty Vilhotti says:

    Jerry & Dotty Vilhotti |
    If Christ came among us today – He would throw up! These are the people who pretend
    compassion the mother of love? He would wonder. The human race is indeed in denial
    and until we see the stain on our soul that leads to hate and self hate, we shall
    never overcome our destructiveness. We do not believe in ourselves nor others but
    will follow “Deciders” who come among us telling us “might makes
    right” and global gobbling is the correct path and children, women, the poor
    and weak will be pushed into the cess pools surrounding them. Just let them try
    to inherit the “super elite’s” earth!

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