Terri Schiavo

I’ll be doing some reflecting from time to time on some things that have happened in the recent past that I have not had a chance to address. Such as….

Terri Schiavo was murdered. On March 31st she died as a result of being allowed to starve to death. This was done thanks to the Florida judicial system despite valiant efforts to stop it. She was legally withheld food because she could neither feed herself or ask for food. Her family and many others begged for mercy on her behalf. It was a cruel way to go. We would never put a convicted murderer to death like that. It would have been more humane to throw her to the lions. It is a sad day and it opens up yet another legal can of worms that can only end in more twisted interpretations of the law. The Nazis started out by “humanely” removing undesirables like the disabled, autistic, and mentally retarded.

If you let your “sick” pet out of it’s misery by starving it you will be breaking the law. In fact, also in Florida and also in the month of March, Michael Lee Swails, who ran out of money to buy feed for his livestock was charged with 120 felony counts of animal cruelty. He was held in jail and faces up to 5 years in prison. Swails is accused of letting his cattle starve in a pasture that was devoid of forage.

In the future you will be able to keep up on the Schiavo story, which will remain one of the biggest and most important stories for years to come by going to www.SchiavoMurder.com. I aquired the domain name and it’s a future project… As a service to the people. Trying to keep an eye on corruption and attacks on democracy wherever it occurs.

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  1. MMF says:

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  2. Blog Chow Guy says:

    Very good advice! Thank you! You are a step ahead of me. I don’t know if every state has the Health Care Proxy so people will have to check their specific state. Living wills are standard across the country and a lot of people are choosing them. You can get those forms at:

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