T.D. Jakes’ Tweet to Me – Did his George Zimmerman Verdict Response Expose Racism or Dishonesty?

Shortly after the George Zimmerman acquittal in the Trayvon Martin murder trial I saw a tweet from T.D. Jakes. Something about it was unsettling to me given the timing so I called him out on it. He actually tweeted back to me, although he did not clarify what he meant by his statement. His original tweet was:

“Some times things happen in life that even leave communicators speechless!”

My tweet back was:

The timing of this post begs for clarification. Does race trump God?

His response back:

“There is nothing to clarify sir…speechless is speechless. Don’t read into it your suppositions about me or GOD!”

Twitter exchange with T.D. Jakes

Obviously there was something on his mind, but I told him that out of respect for his work I would not press him on it. But then something shocking happened. He gave a sermon a day or two later and he repeated the words of his original tweet and then went on a rant of how Trayvon Martin did absolutely nothing wrong on the night he was killed. I would just like to say here that bashing someone’s head into the pavement is wrong in a decent person’s eyes. I am not sure what is more unsettling to me; his claiming to know things he cannot possibly know or his denial to me that he meant anything in particular when he posted his tweet.

Later from T.D. Jakes’ sermon:

“it would be disingenuous of me to not tell you quite honestly and quite succinctly that I was stunned, shocked, [and] speechless about the outcome of this trial”

“committed absolutely no crime at all, walking down the street on his way to his daddy’s house with some Skittles and a soda”

He also mentioned that Trayvon was smaller than Zimmerman even though he was 6’2 and towered over him. The media pictures of a 12 or 13 year old Martin bore very little resemblance to where he was at the time. But that should be irrelevant. Even Trayvon Martin’s history shouldn’t be important. I mention some of these things because people are unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt to a man who was brutally attacked; Someone who was looking out for his neighborhood that had been repeatedly victimized by criminals. I simply don’t expect this kind of judgment from Christians, especially from those who call themselves pastors.

I doubted what T.D. Jakes had said to me after I read his back and forth tweets with his followers right after his original tweet. They were all Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman related, and his followers were united in their anger at Zimmerman being acquitted. I also received some nasty comments from some of his supporters. Apparently if you believe Zimmerman had a right to defend himself from the brutal attack then you are an evil white man. How sad is that? These are people who claim to be followers of Jesus.

Perhaps being put on the spot Jakes didn’t have the courage to say what he was thinking when I questioned his tweet. Then after reading the tea leaves from his followers maybe he decided to give them the red meat they wanted. All in contradiction to his tweet to me and delivered from the pulpit, no less. I guess I can see now why some people say it is all about the money.

I have never been one to be critical of televangelists. In fact, I tend to stick up for them when people criticize them. I am even quick to forgive and dismiss past personal indiscretions. I believe they play an important part in delivering the message of God to the people of the world. The Bible does warn that there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing so obviously they are not all doing God’s work.

I have heard other things in regards to T.D. Jakes and his ministry being less than down the middle when it comes to race. I haven’t done any research on that so I will just leave it as hearsay for now and let the readers do their own diligence if they are interested in that now.

I cannot fathom how people can ignore what the Bible says and be so one sided when it comes to race. The Bible says God is not a respecter of person’s. We are to judge a man’s heart and not the outward appearance. Yet we have people who want a man put in prison for defending themselves from a brutal attack. People who somehow can look at a person and decide he is guilty in spite of the evidence that says otherwise.

I wasn’t there when Trayvon Martin was killed. But in this country we have a pretty good rule when it comes to sending people to prison: Innocent until proven guilty. Sadly, we have found out after the fact that many people were sent to prison who were indeed innocent. I can only imagine how many were convicted falsely who were not able to prove themselves innocent.

The George Zimmerman trial and aftermath look like a modern day lynching. People are bloodthirsty. Some are racist. We can all decide for ourselves who those people are when we see them. I think it is disgusting to want to send any human being to prison when the evidence does not warrant it. To believe that someone who was lurking around an area victimized by crime who had a less than stellar personal history could not have possibly had any bad intentions is puzzling to me.

To think his brutal attack on another human being is considered by some people as doing nothing wrong is shocking to me. To then want to convict someone when the evidence supported his recollection of events is simply sickening. How can people call themselves Christians and then act like a bloodthirsty lynch mob? How does a so-called spiritual leader make this about race and take a stand against a six person female jury do anything but cause division? Zimmerman was a racist and the six woman jury? And about 70% of Americans? How many decades does this set race relations back? And why? To appease people? To keep those who financially support you happy? What are we to think?

The whole Zimmerman/Martin case made national news when the 911 tapes were spliced by the media, making Zimmerman look racist. They then managed to falsely turn Zimmerman into a white man. Sadly, there are people out there who still don’t know these basic facts about the case. Even sadder is the fact that his race makes a difference. But those two false narratives are what drove this story to such a frenzy.

Unfortunately there are people murdered every day and it is not national news. Some are race motivated and others are not. Some are self-defense and others are cold blooded murder. This is a case that would not have even made it to trial if it weren’t for the misreporting of the media and race-baiters who played this as white vs. black, instead of a tragedy that involved two human beings. The local authorities were satisfied that this was self defense.

I don’t know what is buried in the heart of T.D. Jakes. I do know he was less than forthright with me in his twitter response. He said he was speechless, but in the end said a whole lot. Perhaps more about himself than anything else. I responded back that I would not press him on it out of respect for his work. That was before he took to the pulpit and answered the question for me. To say I will be avoiding looking for any spiritual guidance from Mr. Jakes should go without saying. Others can decide if they want to stay away from someone like him. You can look at the full details of what happened here and research what others are saying. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Do your homework. I can only hope that those who partner with people like this start doing their own.

Personally, it makes me sick to think that T.D. Jakes has such influence with our Christian brothers and sisters when I consider my belief that we are children of a colorblind God. No longer seeing him as an honest man only reinforces my feelings that this is not someone I want to be listening to or following. There are other options. When in doubt, we should open the Bible up for ourselves. It is something we should probably do either way. We live in perilous times when we should not take a chance at being deceived. The wolf is at the door.

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