Supreme Court Says No Again to Protecting Children – More Injustice

When it comes to protecting children from filthy online sexually explicit material, the Supreme Court injustices can find any reason to protect these creatures. It amazes me how any excuse can be used to pass some bogus law, yet they are about first amendment rights when it comes to the worst predators. I guess maybe its vermin protecting vermin.

The Child Online Protection Act (Mukasey v. ACLU 08-565) would have protected children from harmful sexual material over the internet. There are obviously not enough safeguards in place when a child can receive unsolicited porn in an email. If there were sufficient enforced laws in place improper materials would not be so easily available to a child.

So many kids are exposed to this stuff now before they even know what sex is. How can that not be harmful, especially given the nature of most of this material? Don’t you want your child to grow up to respect themselves as well as their mate? Do you want them to see same sex pictures and videos before they are even old enough to let nature take its course?

This stuff is not only easily available, it can be stumbled upon by a child without trying. This issue is not about the rights of adults to access this stuff. Its about keeping it away from kids. There have been kids who have forcefully violated other children because of things they saw. These kids hadn’t even reached puberty, but they were acting out what they saw online.

The politicians do little to protect children from things they should be protected from, but when it comes to trying to make themselves look good they pass some kind of dopey law such as prohibiting a pedophile from being out on halloween. That really solves that problem. From top to bottom, our lawmakers/politicians have failed us badly.

There are so many ridiculous laws out there, many of which are open to interpretation. The only ones who benefit from that are people in the broken legal system. I don’t think the average American can go a day without breaking a law, usually unknowingly. Yet, the simple act of keeping warped material out of the hands of impressionable children is out of their grasp.

Perhaps the most important and overlooked aspect of the past Presidential election was the power to appoint the next Supreme Court justices. Most of the abominable decisions of the Supreme Court over the last several decades have been passed down by the liberal judges who legislate from the bench. A couple have been appointed by Republicans, but most by Democrats. If you don’t like these decisions you need to take the partisan blinders off. With so many close decisions made on the Supreme Court, Barack Obama’s picks could potentially result in a country that is unrecognizable.

There have been so many horrible decisions that defend the vile and hurt the decent. Americans have quietly lost their rights to their own property because of these rats. The eminent domain law they passed basically means someone’s home/property can be taken against their will for economic development for such things as a Walmart, hotel or car wash… It used to be only used for such things as a highway or a school. Now countless people have had local politicians trying to rip away their homes. All private property is now vulnerable to being taken away.

George W. Bush was hated for allegedly taking some rights away from terrorists. These lowlifes have already taken more rights and pushed more garbage on Americans than a hundred George Bush’s would have done. Porn producers and terrorists seem to have more favor with the Supreme Court and the ACLU than average Americans do.

A while back two Supreme Court Justices voted against upholding criminal penalties for promoting child pornography. So called Justices David Souter and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were the two. Surprise, surprise – two justices with a history of legislating from the bench. These two were also on wrong side of the eminent domain abomination, amongst other things. They can manipulate and mold the constitution whenever they want to push their extremist agenda, but can use very crafty excuses to block something that is constitutional. Freedom of speech is fast becoming a hate crime, but child porn is freedom of expression to these perverters of the constitution.

The incompetent and corrupt media has spent so much of its time bashing George W. Bush that Supreme Court issues receive very little time. In fact, the media has spent more time following and glorifying the mentally challenged in Hollywood than they have covering these Supreme Court decisions. Wake up and be aware of who is really taking away your rights as Americans.

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