Some Thoughts on the Mel Gibson Scandal and Anti-Semitism

I would like to use some logic and make some observations regarding this whole Mel Gibson debacle and anti-Semitism in general… As we wait for all the facts to come in regarding Gibson, there are some things worth pondering. First of all, if it turns out that Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite I would be disappointed and lose respect for him.

I find it amusing that there is speculation about whether this will keep him from finding work in Hollywood? What else is new? Hollywood didn’t want anything to do with the Passion of the Christ. That was his project. The Hollywood big shots didn’t want anything to do with Gibson in the first place, so all that speculation is a joke. Depending on just what happened and what Gibson’s side of the story turns out to be, the number of people who will watch his movies will likely be greatly diminished. That will be determined by moviegoers and not the big shots in Hollywood.

Look at some of the nuts in Hollywood making movies these days. If anything Mel Gibson should be embraced if he really is an anti-Semite. Look at all the insane anti-American comments and rants that have come out of Hollywood. Israel is like America in a lot of ways and hateful comments are hateful comments. But they won’t embrace Gibson because he is a Christian and because in the Hollywood circle you say one thing and do another. Say you support the military but cut them down at every turn. Get great publicity out of donating money, but support issues that actually hurt more people than they help. Expect people to conserve, but live in the lap of luxury themselves. The majority of Hollywood people are acting even when they aren’t officially acting. Do as I say and not as I do.

How can people claim to be pro-Israel, but expect them to live with daily terrorist attacks and not defend themselves? It’s the old liberal hypocrisy and double talk at work. Liberals can have former KKK members in the senate, or racist leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, but they quickly send out the hit squads if a Christian or conservative says something wrong. If Gibson was a liberal politician such as a Kennedy he could get instant forgiveness by blaming the alcohol and saying he doesn’t remember what happened. Again that only works for the hypocritical liberals and the media that provides cover for them.

The things he supposedly said seem like strange things to say under the circumstances. Even if someone believed those things, why would they go on a rant like that for no reason? If you hate black people would you go on a racial rant if you were mad at a white person? The only excuse I can come up with for Gibson saying such things is if he actually thought the arresting officer was Jewish. When people get angry and go on a verbal tirade they say things they think will hurt the other person. They may not actually believe what they are saying. That’s not the point in doing it. The point is to hurt someone’s feelings. That doesn’t make it right, but it definately doesn’t mean they believe what they are saying. Who hasn’t said hurtful things that they didn’t mean? There are a lot of black people who call other black people niggers when they are angry. That doesn’t mean they think black people are niggers. They are trying to say what they think will injure the other person. I could go on and on with examples, but it’s not that complicated.

Anti-Semitism does not line up in any way with Mel Gibson’s deeply held Christian beliefs. For Gibson to believe these things would make him either a complete phony or incredibly misguided…

Mel Gibson is a drunk. He should never drink. He has acknowledged that in the past. Some people should never ever drink. He is one of them. That’s just the way it is.

I just don’t understand why people that famous drive drunk. It’s a bad thing for anyone to do, but why when they have such vast resources and so much to lose do they so often do it? It makes no sense to me. It also makes no sense when famous people are out in bars and such by themselves. They are marked individuals and set themselves up for someone wanting to make a name for themself. I don’t know why they wouldn’t at least have a driver or a security guard with them whenever they are out, if for no other reason than to be a witness if there’s some kind of trouble. That is a price to pay for fame. It is better than the price you might pay for going it alone.

The anti-Semitism in the world is amazing to me. It’s not rational and it’s not logical. If there were no Jewish people, the hatred would be directed towards another group of people. Bigotry is like that. Hatred will just be aimed elsewhere. That’s what racism and bigotry are all about.

We have people making excuses for mothers who murder their little children. We’ve got people having sympathy and making excuses for terrorists. If any group of people has an excuse to step over the line it would be the Jews. How much should they be expected to endure? The proof that Israel is not an aggressive nation is the fact that their enemies still exist at all. They could wipe out 90% of their enemies in one day if they used the kind of force they are capable of. Israel wouldn’t even have to finish off the other 10%. They would be hiding under a rock with Bin Laden until they died of old age. The terrorists would wipe Israel out without hesistation if they had the means to do it. They would not spare any innocent civilians either. After all, being the cowards they are, they target the defenseless – innocent men, women and especially children. They have stated that their goal is to eliminiate Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. They are not looking to live in peace.

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