Sick Barack Obama – Wants Sex Education For Kindergarteners

Senator and Democrat presidential contender Barack Obama says sex education for kindergarteners “is the right thing to do.” To say this is inappropriate is an understatement. What possible purpose can sex education to little kids serve? The only purpose I can see is to begin to indoctrinate them into perverse views before they are even close to puberty. Learning about sex with the alphabet would be a funny thought if it weren’t really coming from a presidential candidate. Snack time, nap time and “kissing your same sex best friend on the lips might be fun if you try it” time.

Obama also went on to say: “If they ask a teacher ‘where do babies come from,’ that providing information that the fact is that it’s not a stork is probably not an unhealthy thing. Although again, that’s going to be determined on a case by case basis by local communities and local school boards.”

What parent wants to leave such decisions up to the local community/school board? Talk about gambling with the lives of your children. Why should you allow the fate of your children in the hands of some individual who may have some kind of twisted agenda? When you have such ill defined standards abuse will be rampant. Will it be your kids who suffer?

There was a time when there was no sex education and yet the human race somehow didn’t go extinct. Teaching kids about things long before nature has had a chance to do what nature does is brainwashing of a sick kind. A child will survive not knowing the mechanics of how to make a baby at 5 years of age. Certainly letting strangers do it should be considered outright abuse. Teaching them about alternative lifestyles at that age is something that could cause citizens to take the law into their own hands.

Politicians do not tire of taking rights away from citizens. They seize on an opportunity to take away a right and then they take a little more after some of the anger has died down. Systematically and relentlessly they are taking away the rights of parents to even teach their kids right from wrong. Now we are slowly but surely slipping into areas that weren’t even imaginable a few years ago. Their warped ideas might be a little different, but they are using methods that would make Adolf Hitler proud.

As far as Obama is concerned, you can bet he is going to tip-toe around the issue. Those on the extreme left already get the message and like it, but those outside of partisan politics will be fed something much more palatable. Remember, they are chipping away at your rights and beliefs, not doing it all in one fell swoop. I would not support anyone on either side of the political aisle who advocates any such things.


Obama talks about sex education for kindergarteners to an amused/aroused planned parenthood crowd

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