Sharon Stone Update: Say What?

Some of Sharon Stone’s latest comments are pretty idiotic. First, she is blaming her movie’s poor showing on the fact that some of the explicit scenes, such as a threesome were cut out by film censors. Sharon, if you are interested in porn, there is an industry for that. Perhaps regular people have seen enough already.

Here is a secret about men for the slutty women out there. Men often like bimbos, but only for a short time. So if you are looking for some attention, you will get it. If you are looking for a decent man, you probably won’t. Whether you are flashing your boobs for attention or sleeping around, men will remember the cheap and eventually go for someone respectable. It doesn’t always happen right away. That’s the deception of it. Hey, but there’s always the drunks and morons to look forward to.

It works the same way in the entertainment industry. Seen it (yawn), so bring on the flavor of the month… That’s reality, like it or not. Prostitute yourself at your own risk. That quick attention is not a good long term career move. It’s certainly not unique and requires no real skill.

‘Basic Instinct 2’ is predictably a huge flop. Incredibly, Sharon Stone is talking about doing a ‘Basic Instinct 3’! Are you kidding? This isn’t exactly ‘Star Wars’ here, Sharon. She wants to direct the next one, so maybe she will get some bimbos everybody isn’t already tired of. I guess she figures it can’t do any worse than the last one.

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