Schiavo Murder Update: Miracle Recovery Documented – Comatose Man’s Brain Rewired Itself After 20 Years

An ‘Associated Press’ story tells of how a man regained speech and movement after almost 20 years and after all hope was thought to be lost. This miracle occurred because his brain somehow rewired itself by growing new nerve connections to replace the ones sheared apart in a car crash.

Notice how they go out of their way to discount that this miracle could have happened for Terri Schiavo. They said this man could not have recovered, yet he did. The experts were wrong again, but now they are sure – again. There are 3 reasons that come to the top of my head that would indicate that the odds of a major recover would actually have been better for Terri Schavio than some who have had miraculous recoveries:

1) She was conscious and not in a coma. Quite a few people have regained consciousness after many years in a coma and after hope was supposedly lost.

2) Video revealed to most people that she was responsive to family and certain stimuli.

3) Therapy, which was withheld could have very well improved her condition/ mystery injury and at least increased the possibility for that miracle.

This man’s miracle somehow happened on it’s own. There should be reason to hope that medical advancements could certainly help many in the future suffering from these types of injuries.

How many times have people been told they couldn’t recover from something and still did? Too many to count. Of course not everyone does, but I wonder how many people lose hope and give up when they hear those negative words? Certainly many give up trying to help those like Terri Schiavo. Thankfully, at least for now, most of them are not starved to death like Terri was.

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