Schiavo Autopsy Findings Manipulated by the Media

First of all, it is important to know what we are dealing with in the mainstream media. Whether it is the Schiavo murder or anything else. I was seeing headlines on major websites yesterday that said “Official: Bin Laden Alive and Well” and close variations to that. Those were “Top stories”. Turns out to be very misleading from the actual story. Am I wrong? I beg you to read the actual story so you know what the media is doing. Once you realize how misleading they are you will begin to spot some of this stuff on your own. Hopefully you already are. This was a so called Taliban commander in hiding who also stated that Mullah Mohammad Omar was “well and in direct command of Taliban forces in Afghanistan”. This kind of garbage should not even be reported. But it is. And in a way that makes it look like it is an American official saying it. So when you hear the soundbites about Terri Schiavo you might want to dig deeper…

The headlines the media reported all day yesterday regarding the autopsy was “autopsy supports Schiavo’s husband” and variations similar. The autopsy actually supported Schiavo’s family but I guess you weren’t supposed to see that. Now nobody that I know of ever disputed that Terri Schiavo had brain damage. The media reports it like it is the end all of the story. It is not. Her brain size is also now reported to justify her murder. I want the media or anyone else to tell me where the line is drawn here. What size brain is too small to deserve to live? I also would be interested to know what everyone’s brain size in the media is. Apparently these things are more important than intelligence. It does not matter that Terri recognized her family and could follow objects in her line of view. They said she was only seeing figures and such and did not recognize her. Now they are saying she was blind. It does not add up to say the least. We are supposed to ignore video footage and witnesses and now just go by an autopsy report? Really? Let’s dig a little deeper then.

When suspicions over her husbands involvement in Terri’s brain injury were raised, it was said that she either had a heart attack or suffered brain damage because she had bulimia. This was tossed around as fact even though the family disputed it when she was alive and there was no evidence of it. Well, the autopsy showed she had neither. Now listen. Please remember that this woman was starved to death and many assumptions were made that have already turned out to be untrue. If she was brain dead it did not hurt her to let her live. Everyone should have been happy with that. The family is happy because she would be alive and everyone else should be satisified because she was oblivious to it all. Perfect solution. It’s just more hypocrisy.

I am curious. What does being starved and dehydrated to death do to one’s brain and eyes? It is not relevant to the main arguement here but I wonder. What was the size of her brain 12 years ago when she was not allowed by her husband to receive therapy. How many people have recovered from things that doctors said were hopeless? This world is full of stories of overcoming the so called impossible. Lucky for them that they were not starved to death for their irreversible condition. Oh yeah, she was not starved to death. She died of “dehydration”. They are pushing that terminology a lot now. I guess that lingo sounds better than starving to death. Terri Schiavo was not ever given a real chance to improve.

Michael Schiavo is not off the hook here. Something happened to Terri Schiavo to put her in the state she was in. This guy has been so mean to Terri’s family from the beginning that I would put nothing past him. Way too many unanswered questions. There is a book coming out called Silent Witness that I predict is going to be a big best seller. I think it is going to open a lot of eyes to what has happened here. I’ll link to that at a later time. The only thing that has helped Michael Schiavo is the liberal nazi mindset that says it’s ok to kill someone who does not rise up to the standard of “mentally normal”. After all it is the “quality” of life. Right? Hope yours is good enough to justify your living in this world. The “compassionate” people might come for you one day. It is hard sometimes to distinguish some people’s views from the attitudes of nazi’s. You can justify anything if you distort and leave out and facts. My question is why if you are on the right side do you need to leave out facts and mislead people? Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think these things are OK as long as it happens to someone else’s family.

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