Sarah Palin Helps Bring Home the Georgia Senate for Conservatives

The media once again brought up the question of whether Sarah Palin was a liability when she stumped for Saxby Chambliss in his bid for the Georgia Senate. Just as she energized Conservatives during the Presidential election, she helped bring home the Senate for Chambliss and the GOP.

It is pure fear that the liberals in the media try to minimize Sarah Palin, but she has been the energizer to the party this past year. She was the one who energized the base and brought out the enthusiastic crowds in Georgia in the Senate race.

The good news is that Sarah Palin seems to understand the motives behind the attempts to turn her into a caricature. Whether or not she runs for President in 2012, she will be a major voice for REAL change in the coming years. Forward change, not backward.

“Thankfully, Saxby has built a record of real achievements in service to his state, and country, and that’s exactly the kind of man we need in Washington. We must send Saxby back to the U.S. Senate.“ — Sarah Palin campaigning for Saxby Chambliss

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