Somali Pirates Get Their Ransom Loot – Then Drown

Five Somali pirates who hijacked a Saudi supertanker got their share of a 3 million dollar Ransom, then drowned after their getaway boat capsized. The boat went down in a storm with three of the pirates managing to make it to shore. The boat was going high speed for fear of a possible attack.

I am surprised they paid the ransom to the Somali pirates. That only invites future attacks. They will have to either risk paying future ransoms or up security on the tankers, which will cost plenty of money if it is adequate enough to stop such threats.

Some people don’t view these pirates as terrorists, but when you kidnap and threaten people and property it pretty much qualifies. Not at the level of the modern day butcher terrorist we have come to know. Not much else to say about this. The crew of the Sirius Star tanker was reported safe, so at least that is good.

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