Rush Limbaugh Concurs With My Fox News Debate Analysis Criticism

Rush Limbaugh spent a good amount of time today criticizing the Fox News all-stars post-debate analysis. I wrote my criticism for Fox News and MSNBC out of irritation a little past midnight last night.  According to Rush, there were plenty of people who saw the Presidential debate summary the same way. Rush, who is friends with some of these guys, lamented as he gave a solid dose of right on evaluation.  

“The Fox All-Stars have become elites too.” — Rush Limbaugh 

I don’t know if some of these guys have become elites or liberals – or if they simply have gotten too lazy to do anything but follow the polls like puppy dogs. What good are commentators and analysts if all they can do is read poll numbers? Weather girls just starting out in broadcasting have a tougher job than that.

These guys remind me of the experts who come on at the end of the day and tell you why the stock market went up or down. It could go up or down just 20 points and they will tell you why it did, even though that kind of market movement is basically a wash. Funny they don’t accurately tell you at the beginning of most days if the market will be up or down and about how much. But at the end of the day they tell you exactly why it did what it did. “The market was down 10 points on news that Joe the Plumber doesn’t like Barack Obama’s tax plan.” They usually sound like they know what they are talking about, though obviously it is often nothing more than a guess.

The news analysts come out and tell you Barack Obama was the winner because he was smooth or because he didn’t screw up. Flawed polls tell them that John McCain needs to pull off a deer in the headlights moment on Barack Obama. Why can’t they just do their jobs? What happened to breaking down and analyzing the facts, or lack thereof? Instead it is about fluff, instead of substance.

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