Rush Limbaugh Addresses My Question on the Ideal Temperature for the Planet

Rush Limbaugh asked on today’s radio show the question “who are we to say what the ideal temperature of the planet is?” I discussed this same question in my blog back in December 2006 titled ‘What is the Proper Temperature for the Planet?’.

I maintain that this is the most critical question there is on the global warming issue. Even if you concede that the climate is getting warmer, which it hasn’t in the last decade – what would the ideal temperature be for the planet? We know for a fact that there has always been warming and cooling, sometimes drastic temperature shifts. We are here now so we could say that we are a product of these changing weather patterns. Perhaps we would not be here had it happened any differently.

So with all the various changes in temperatures throughout the millenniums, what would the right temperature be? What it was 100 years ago? 200? Yesterday? If we could somehow lock it in, what would it be? Would we change the seasons and make every day the same? Would life still exist? How do we know that another 5 degrees warmer wouldn’t be ideal? You could make a good argument for it, since there would be more places to grow crops on an overpopulated planet.

The truth is, the future of our planet hinges on the potential overreaction to things we cannot change. We cannot change the weather, but we can destroy the economy. We see how fragile it is right now. Global warming taxes and regulations would be a hit on our economy the likes we have never seen, causing many of the dire consequences the global warming hucksters are predicting.

Economists are arguing whether or not we are in a recession right now and the majority of the population is very concerned about rising gas and food prices. You certainly don’t want to live through a depression, especially in the world we live in today. We are not self sufficient in the least. We can handle the weather, because most people will rise up and deal with it together. Not so easy when the economy collapses. People become helpless when they are hopeless.

You see what’s being done about rising prices of fuel and food. Nothing. Citizens and politicians alike are standing around scratching their heads in futility. We are reaping the failed/ nonexistent energy policies of the last 16 years. I’m sure the snake oil salesmen who brought you global warming will also have the upgraded snake oil in the future that will save us from the side effects of the current version.

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