Reality Meets Myth at the Box Office

‘United 93’ opens today at the box office and is already drawing rave reviews. I have little doubt that ‘The Da Vinci Code’ will be a huge hit at the box office when it opens in a few weeks. There is a lot of money and agendas driving it, just like the book. Vast numbers will see it without knowing just how deceptive and historically inaccurate it is, not to mention an all out attack on Christianity. But I think the success of ‘United 93’ will leave the decent people of the world with hope and inspiration.

“‘United 93’ ‘honors bravery and sacrifice’.”
Robert De Niro

“It’s an experience you will be left with for the rest of your lives. It may be a reminder to some that we are a nation at war.”
NBC Anchor Brian Williams

“The film ‘United 93’ involves some difficult and painful memories for most Americans, and is one of the traumatic events in most of their lives. However, I urge all Americans to view this heroic movie, which depicts the courageous actions of average American passengers determined to save the lives of countless others while knowing they will sacrifice their own lives.”
Roberta Combs, President of Christian Coalition of America

“I wish this movie had been out two or three years ago… The whole movie is powerful…. This movie does not portray the hijackers sympathetically. You will not like these people, and that’s important, and I think that’s the reaction the vast majority of people who watch the movie are going to have… These passengers are portrayed as heroes, gutsy. They are inspirational…”
Rush Limbaugh

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