Re-Vote Needed in Minnesota Senate Election

Unless there is a re-vote, instead of a recount in the Minnesota Senate election, we will never know for sure who won the actual vote. We could assume, based on the recent history of the party of Acorn voter fraud and all the foul play going on here that Al Franken did not win. Americans deserve to have their votes count. If this was a trial it would be declared a mistrial. The only fair solution is to vote again. Let the people decide. 

When Franken was behind a couple hundred votes the mantra was to count every vote. After a lot of suspicious and downright rotten methods are used to pull Al Franken into a lead of a couple hundred votes, suddenly the liberals scream that he should be seated immediately. How could you ever trust a politician who wants this shut down now?

It is hard enough getting the right person in office when you have a vote that is this close. When you have such nonsense as what went on here how can you award this office to anyone? I personally doubt Al Franken was even within a thousand votes to begin with of Norm Coleman. I think the original count was probably fraudulent. There is no doubt that the recount is nothing short of a farce. Let the people vote.

Where are the investigations into Acorn voter fraud? Remember all the talk of the fraudulent activity that went on during the Presidential election? If the truth isn’t brought out you will continue to get this. Whether it is Acorn or just your old variety fraud, elections in the United States of America are starting to look more like pro wrestling matches with distracted referees. Get the referee to raise someone’s hand and then it’s over, regardless of whether it was the deserving winner. That isn’t democracy.

From the WallStreet Journal:

Thanks to the machinations of Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and a meek state Canvassing Board, Mr. Franken may emerge as an illegitimate victor.

He’s getting help from Mr. Ritchie and his four fellow Canvassing Board members, who have delivered inconsistent rulings and are ignoring glaring problems with the tallies.

Canvassing Board member, State Supreme Court Justice G. Barry Anderson, has acknowledged that “very likely there was a double counting.” Yet the board insists that it lacks the authority to question local officials and it is merely adding the inflated numbers to the totals.

There are plenty of other examples as well. How can an election be legitimate when there are more ballots coming from some precincts than actual recorded votes? When Al Gore contested the election in 2000 it was a stretch to divine the votes he would have needed to win. In that case because of the election call being blown by the news networks and also called while Florida voters in some areas of the state were still voting – many voters in heavily republican areas left the lines early and never even voted because they thought the election was over. Who was to think that the news agencies would be so incompetent or corrupt as to do such a thing? The point is, just because an election is close does not mean it has to be unfairly decided. Count the legitimate votes and enough of the mining for votes. If the votes get tainted in a close election, such as appears to be the case here – let the people vote again.

This is the United States Senate for God’s sake. We have this botched recount, we have Barack Obama’s old Senate seat appointed in BlagoGate and we have an unelected incompetent New York Governor who seems to be holding auditions for Hillary Clinton’s old Senate Seat. If Caroline Kennedy is appointed, at the end of the day, as it stands right now, the only reasonably qualified Senator out of the three is the one Blago appointed. How is that for irony?

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