Ramos and Compean Finally Pardoned By President Bush

Former U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean have had their sentences commuted by outgoing President George W. Bush. Ramos and Compean were serving 11 and 12 year prison sentences for shooting a fleeing drug smuggler in the backside along the U.S. border.

To make matters worse in this case, federal authorities tracked down the drug dealer and gave him immunity in exchange for the convictions of the border agents. Then the drug dealer filed a $5 million suit against the federal government for violating his civil rights. You wonder why the country is going broke?

It is great news for the good guys, although this pardon should have come long ago. This travesty of justice has caused Ramos and Compean to spend a couple years in prison for doing their jobs. This was apparently to send a message that strong border security did not align with amnesty for illegal aliens. Illegal immigration is what has been pushed on the American citizens by our leaders and this disgrace should be looked at as punishment for doing the right thing.

The drug dealer could have been a terrorist smuggling weapons into the country. The border agents have to assume the worst in order to secure the borders. They shot the guy in the buttocks, so there wasn’t even a casualty here – unless you count the travesty of justice that took place afterwards.

It took a lot of pressure on President Bush to get this done. Better late than never. Hopefully Ramos and Compean will receive the heroes welcome back into society that they deserve.

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