Prosecutor Firings Reveal Depth of Media and Political Deception

One of the latest outrages is the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys. Harriet Miers recommended that all 93 be let go. That is what happened under the Bill Clinton/Janet Reno reign. They want Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign for eight. Janet Reno didn’t resign. Let’s not forget some of the other things that went on under Janet Reno, such as Elian Gonzalez and the Waco massacre. She didn’t resign, nor was she fired.

The firings under Clinton/Reno went by with barely a whimper. ABC and CBS never even reported it, according to the Media Research Center. The truth is that these attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, so it is within their rights, although firing 93 would seem to be an abuse of that power.

Political opportunists like Chuck Schumer are saying how this is somehow unprecedented. Their turning a least offender into a worst offender is abominable. This is so typical of the extreme left. Anyone who thinks they are getting it straight on from the politicians and the media only need to look here. These vermin have turned the whole system into a mockery. The facts are out there and they are clear to those who want to go beyond the headlines and one-liners. The spin and hypocrisy these days are what’s really unprecedented.

Katie Couric reports on prosecutor firings

Hello, everyone. President Bush tonight is defending the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. He says it was the right thing to do. What was wrong, he says, is the way the Justice Department told Congress about it. That would include saying the White House wasn’t involved. Turns out it was.
— Katie Couric (CBS, March 14)

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