Presidential Election Barometer: Barack Obama +3.3 (10/29)


Barack Obama +3.3

Previous Poll Odds:


Barack Obama + 1.6


Barack Obama + 3.2


Barack Obama + 5.6


Barack Obama + 6.5


Barack Obama + 6.7

Barack Obama may have slowed the momentum of John McCain as he holds a 3.3 point lead through the end of yesterday. My figures through Monday gave Obama a 1.6 point lead. Still a very close election and anybody’s race right now.

The big Presidential election story on Tuesday continued to be the L.A. times suppressing the video of Obama praising Palestinian P.L.O. radical Rashid Khalidi at a 2003 banquet. Yet another instance of Barack Obama showing love for an anti-American/Anti-Israeli monster. Might as well throw anti-Christian in there as well. There is definitely a frightening trend of associations which trump anything ever seen by a major Presidential candidate.

It remains to be seen if the infomercial of Barack Obama’s will help him to hold off the late surge by John McCain or if McCain can make another late election close. How Obama was able to raise so much more money then John MCain in such a close race while supposedly representing the party of the “poor” is a huge story in itself. That, like the ACORN voter fraud mass registrations – just doesn’t add up.

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