President Bush’s Biggest Failure? Trusting in Vladimir Putin

Aside from President Bush’s obvious failure to deal with the relentless propaganda against him, I’d say his biggest failure was to trust in the Russian Bear named Vladimir Putin. Looking into someones eyes and seeing their soul might be pushing a mortal man’s abilities, especially when looking into someones eyes who doesn’t even believe in their own soul.

Everybody makes mistakes and clearly this was one of President Bush’s biggest. It struck a tone that was almost Neville Chamberlain like. Even Chamberlain came to his senses in the very end, although he had little choice. I would love to hear President Bush soundly denounce Putin as a danger to the world. Doesn’t appear likely at this point, despite President Bush speaking out strongly this week on some issues he has dealt with.

If a so called war hawk like President Bush was unable to deal firmly with the slippery Vladimir Putin, how is a lamb like Barack Obama going to keep him in check? You can bet the Russian Prime Minister is very happy Obama beat out McCain in the election. Time will tell if reality is the same as perception, but there are a lot of long time pacifists in the Obama administration, in my opinion.

It has been one thing after another with Vladimir Putin. The latest is cutting off gas supplies to Europe and the Ukraine after doubling the price. All this during the coldest time of the year. Such moves when it comes to fuel not only affect keeping warm, but is devestating to the economy. Thousands of businesses in Europe have been already been forced to cut back or shut down.

After all this, Russia said it had turned the fuel supply back on, only to end up being a game of words. Can Putin be trusted in any way? If you look into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and see anything less than evil, maybe you should measure his deeds, instead of his gaze.

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