Politicians Set to Take Advantage of NY Tragedy to Attack Second Amendment Rights?

I knew it wouldn’t take long, but Joe Biden tipped the liberal playbook when he said something needs to be done to stop the “violence” right after the Binghamton, NY tragedy. No time to grieve, just time for political opportunity. History tells us the only real effort that is made by these guys to stop this kind of thing is to take away the rights of Americans to bear arms. Let’s be clear about one thing – if a couple of law abiding citizens in that building had guns many lives would have probably been saved. This murderer and guys like him already have these weapons and would find a way to get them if they didn’t. Law abiding citizens are the only ones who will be without. The very same people who could stop this terrible rampage. The same thing was true of the Virginia Tech massacre. Truth is, evil people found a way to murder long before these  kinds of weapons were around.

I wrote about how politicians would try to take advantage of the Virginia Tech massacre and they did. What is different this time is liberals are in control of everything. They are going to push like never before. Hillary Clinton has already been pushing for a weapons ban. An NRA spokesman said recently that it is naive to think that Americans giving up their freedoms is somehow going to affect the operations of the Mexican drug cartels. Of course that is just an excuse for liberals like Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake, going after more serious weapons is just the starting point to go after the others. They have already proven that. They take one step and then another. It is what they do with taxes and regulations and everything else. It is what they do.

When a tragedy like this happens they play on people’s emotions to try to take away fundamental rights. I swear I think these vermin pray for this so they can use it to pass more laws. They are always ready for it. Of course people want this kind of violence stopped. However, taking away people’s rights to bear arms is taking away people’s rights to protect themselves. Monsters like these would not only be stopped quicker if more people had guns, they might be deterred from even trying. Although people like that are usually prepared to take their own lives they also interestingly tend to be cowards and choose easy marks and avoid sure confrontation.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Back when that was written the people were the militia.The militia was not a select few doing more to protect the lawmakers than the citizens. Well regulated does not mean ban. Is there any common sense to be used when trying to interpret something that can confuse people? It was meant to be simple and not to have a future need of lawyers or corrupt politicians to interpret. Most people had guns when that was written. Only someone deceptive could possibly try to interpret that to mean only a police force or military should be allowed to have guns. What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” don’t you understand? Again, keeping with common sense, regulated probably just means that those who are violent might lose that right. They weren’t regulated in the modern day sense back then so how does one conclude that to mean anything else?

The right to bear arms was actually an assumed right back then. Like breathing the air is an assumed right. That was an amendment meant to clarify something that obviously many people do not understand today. Something that people who wish to take away all your rights are using to deceive. What was the threat to a free state back then? The government itself. They weren’t worried about China’s military or Iran building a nuke. They were worried about the government taking away freedom. Something a few more people might want to start worrying about before all your constitutional rights are gone.

If Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to stop these kinds of violent acts, they need to push for more law abiding citizens to have guns, not less. But this is not about protecting people. It is about taking away rights and especially taking away their own fear that people will get angry enough to revolt. It is part paranoia and part a revelation of what plans they have in their hearts if they can completely stop all resistance. You see it happening in your freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Add that to your right to bear arms and you can surely see what their vision of America is. It is a vision that is closer to that of Adolf Hitler than of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington.

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