Paris Hilton Privacy Dilemma

I wrote this last week and then forgot to post it. So here it is… If you haven’t heard about it, Paris Hilton had some personal and private things sold off after she failed to pay the storage bill on them. Someone has been charging 40 bucks a pop to view said belongings. A temporary injunction has now halted this.

I’d say the guy who sold the lot for $2,775 must be kicking himself after the stuff was then sold for 10 million. Talk about a nice quick return on your investment! The person who paid the 10 million may yet live to regret it, though. Even if they take the stuff down or return it, it will live forever in cyberworld.

I’m not sure how upset Paris Hilton can be, since she really has already repeatedly scraped the bottom of the self respect barrel. But I really don’t think anyone should be allowed to sell or expose to the public someone’s personal, private things, especially revealing photos and phone conversations.

We live in a sad world when this kind of thing can possibly be allowed. It should be punishable by prison time if you ask me. She is suing on the basis of fear of identity theft, which I don’t think is the right way to go about. From a matter of principle I think it should be fought as a privacy issue. Maybe the identity theft angle is the best way to win, but the big thing is the invasion of privacy. It would actually be a chance for Paris to do something productive for society. Besides, I don’t really think Paris Hilton needs to worry that much about identity theft. Most people know who she is, I would assume her money is pretty secure and that she has people looking out for those kinds of things.

I wonder why Paris Hilton needs paid storage in the first place. Someone of her means doesn’t have enough space somewhere to store some private things? How can that be possible? Now that I think of it, she might have been able to store them in the space between her ears.

It can be a sick society, but then again Paris Hilton feeds off of people’s lowest tendencies. It’s a tragedy when someone sells their soul, but when someone rich sells their soul(figuratively speaking), it is pretty shameless and sad. Just what is her claim to fame anyway? I’d say it’s being a rich bitch, professional voyeur… That sounds about right to me.

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3 Responses to Paris Hilton Privacy Dilemma

  1. Kaley says:

    I came across your ridiculous blogs and actually wanted to hurl! You are so cynical! These people are HUMANS! There are so many people just LIKE them without money and fame. You know, if Jane Doe down the road had a breakdown because her life fell apart or she spiraled out of control like poor Britney, she’d have been uplifted by the people around her. However, because she’s famous, people don’t have any sympathy for her…just a generalization, I do indeed have sympathy Britney. I’m not a sleaze. I’m not a whore, but I’m a woman who has made mistakes and have felt like I’ve hit the rock bottom.

    Everyone has problems in life, the american public should be ashamed (and so should you, for being so cynical and cruel!)

    Paris Hilton is a beautiful woman who has made mistakes… obviously and will continue to. You have no clue how it is to live in her world… you’re dispicable!

  2. Gene says:

    Jane Doe can get more help than Britney? If that’s true it’s only because of her poor selection of friends. Everyone would have more sympathy and respect for her and Paris if they would just leave us all alone!

  3. Paris may get into the “spotlight” alot, but you can’t deny she is hot!

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