Oliver Stone Movie ‘W’ – Majority of the Financing Came From China

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that Hollywood would release a hit piece against a sitting President on the eve of a Presidential election. What I would hope would underscore the depths of Oliver Stone and Hollywood in general is that they could sink so low as to use Chinese funding for it. Even some of Hollywood’s biggest studios would not partake in such a vile and obvious attempt to influence the American public on the eve of an election. Of course the attempt here is to hurt John McCain since Barack Obama and the media have tried to make him out to be “just another” George W. Bush.

Even if it wasn’t an election year, to bash a sitting President with a hit piece full of distortions is low even for Hollywood. That is usually left to The New York Times or CBS Evening News to do. Strange that only a few months ago “Maverick” was very frequently a part of McCain’s title. Not so much anymore. What a coincidence at this time after all these years we find out John McCain really isn’t a maverick… 

Oliver Stone is a weasel who strangely likes to do historical movies by rewriting history. Unfortunately he’s had a lot of money to burn over the years and now has the help of some more people who hate America. If you are a patriotic American please stay away from this movie, even if you are not happy with President Bush. There is an agenda here that may seem subtle, but it is there nonetheless and a patriotic American would not want to support it. Let the sheeple flock to see the brainwashing rubbish. Go see something with a dose of humor and patriotism like An American Carol or just save your money. Don’t give it to Oliver Stone. The town drunk would probably be more responsible with your money than this guy.


‘W’ Movie Facts:

  • For the lead role, Oliver Stone took Josh Brolin after another, unidentified actor turned the part down.
  • John Malkovich, William Hurt and Robert Duvall all turned down the chance to play Vice President Dick Cheney.
  • Doris Day wouldn’t give Stone permission to use her recording of “Que Sera, Sera.”


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  1. Wayne Broussard says:

    I loved this movie! Truth who was actually running the country!

  2. Gene says:


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