Obama/Ayers Connection is the Trust Breaker

The Barack Obama/William Ayers connection should be the final straw for anyone who values America enough not to take a monumental gamble with it’s future. This isn’t a new story, but it is finally starting to get real attention and the pieces are starting to come together.

Even CNN did an investigative report on it, although according to one of the participants, Stanley Kurtz, there was an effort to downplay and deceive. Still the report is damning. Here is about a 6 minute clip that tells you all you really need to know.

Regardless of whether it is something sinister or just terrible judgement on Barack Obama’s part, it is frightening to think about where his associations could lead this country. If he can be buddies with William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, what will happen when he has one of those meetings with Iran leader Ahmadinejad. You know, the meeting that one wants to have without preconditions? Will they become pals while Ahmadinejad works to annihilate Israel?

Too many awful associations by Barack Obama for my liking. Even Hillary Clinton brought up the Ayers connection during her campaign and brought up the trust issue. Maybe Obama is just a guy who thinks he can make everyone like him. Not a trait the leader of the free world should possess in such perilous times. Just too many threats in the real world. I don’t know if this will be enough to keep him out of the White House, but in a sane world it would be.


 Stanley Kurtz Quotes:

“Instead of giving money directly to schools they (Obama and Ayers) gave money to what they called “external partners” and these external partners were often pretty radical community organizer groups.”

“I was very briefly on CNN immediately after the McCain campaign called for me to be given access to UIC library. A CNN reporter interviewed me, and almost every question was an attempt to challenge the significance of the Obama-Ayers link. I answered every query in detail. When the report finally aired, my points about the significance of the Obama-Ayers connection were cut. And now, CNN is actually claiming NR (National Review) as an ally in its effort to undercut Palin. Incredible.” (source: National Review Website)

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