Obama Lied

Remember the “Bush lied” liberal drum banging that went on for so long? If President Bush lied, what do you call Barack Obama pulling back on his promises before he even enters office? This may be a first in Presidential history.

President Bush had some faulty intelligence on Iraq before Saddam Hussein was ousted. That information was irrelevant anyway, since Saddam Hussein had already given much more cause than needed to take military action. Barack Obama’s “lies” are much different. Obama said Sunday:

“I want to be realistic here, not everything that we talked about during the campaign are we going to be able to do on the pace we had hoped. Everybody’s going to have to give… Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.”

All Barack’s promises that replacing George W. Bush would result in a wonderful new utopia. He promised the world, all the while bashing President Bush. Now the job is so tough that it is going to take a long time to fix things. With sacrifice. Where was all that sacrifice during the campaign? What happened to the messiah? President Bush inherited the internet bubble from Bill Clinton. He didn’t spend his time blaming Clinton for the rocky start.

Remember all the talk of needing to close the so called horrible Guantanamo Bay? Now Obama says this:

“It is more difficult than I think a lot of people realize and we are going to get it done, but part of the challenge that you have is that you have a bunch of folks that have been detained, many of whom who may be very dangerous who have not been put on trial or have not gone through some adjudication… I think it’s going to take some time and our legal teams are working in consultation with our national security apparatus as we speak, to help design exactly what we need to do.”

While Obama will likely close Guantanamo Bay, the importance of such a facility was apparently overlooked during his campaign promises. These are murdering terrorists we are talking about. Holding these killers keeps them from committing terrorist acts, not to mention the information they possess that could prevent attacks. Giving them the same rights as American citizens is a dangerous, as well as expensive proposition. Obama now acknowledges this is not a simple move.

Needless to say, using the same barometer that was used for President Bush, Barack Obama is already a bigger liar than Mr. Bush. The good news is that with so many promises made by Barack Obama, not all broken promises will be bad.

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