Obama Administration’s Respect for Women a Flashback to the Bill Clinton Years?

Obama Chief Speechwriter and Friend Groping Hillary Clinton Cutout

Obama Chief Speechwriter and Friend Groping Hillary Clinton Cutout

There’s one of the controversial photos of Obama chief speechwriter Jon Favreau posing with a buddy with a Hillary Clinton cardboard cutout. They can be seen groping and plying the mock Hillary with liquor. Had this been a key member of the George W. Bush or John McCain team how do you think the media and their political opponents would have reacted?

Even after a couple days Barack Obama has been amazingly silent on this. Hillary Clinton, who complained of sexism when a man yelling out at a campaign rally for her to iron his shirt has apparently accepted an apology for the cardboard cutout attack without any kind of rebuke. I really don’t think drinking and sexual assault of women is something for members of a President-elect’s team to joke about.

Did you think think sexism was dead with the Obama/Hillary team? It’s already worse than than the last 8 years and Obama isn’t even in office yet. Are we going back to the Bill Clinton years in regards to respect for women? Hopefully Michelle Obama keeps better track of Barack than Hillary did of Bill. We don’t need any more vast right wing conspiracies, even if they turn out to be true again.

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