Nobody Cares About Russian Warships and Bombers Going to Cuba and Venezuela?

Russian Warships have been conducting exercises/war games in the waters off Venezuela and Panama and are now headed for Cuba. Long range BlackJack bombers have also been spotted. If that doesn’t make you take notice perhaps you should take out a map and see where Cuba actually is. There was a reason John F. Kennedy almost threw us into World War III over Russia and Cuba.

If you think that’s different, you’re right. Russia can do what they tried to do back then in a fraction of the time. They don’t need to build missile silos or anything like that. They can accomplish devastating things with just a few ships and bombers. How much destruction capability would it take to be considered a serious threat? Just the potential of taking out a few large cities with little warning isn’t enough?

 “I guess they’re on R&R. It’s fine.” — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who saw a Russian warship cross the Panama Canal.

Sounds like Condy Rice might have been on R&R. I know the game is to somehow show strength by showing how little you are concerned about it. We must be such a powerhouse that we don’t need to worry about potential devastating attacks on our country. That is the attitude that preceded the attacks of 9/11. Nobody would ever do anything – everyone is afraid of dying themselves. I don’t remember Ronald Reagan doing business like that and John F. Kennedy drew a line in sand. Where is the line here?

“They pose no military threat to the U.S.” — U.S. military commander Adm. James Stavridis

No threat? Really? Are the warships and bombers made of and filled with marshmallows? They play it down by saying these ships are old. Does it matter much if the ships are old and rusty? They aren’t capable of causing major hurt?

This is the first of its kind since World War II. Yawn? Vladamir Putin is a hawk. You thought Dick Cheney was a hawk? We could use one right about now. We have been dealing with Russia and China from weakness for the last 16 years. Now everywhere in the world where there is trouble they are there to run interference. Can you say Iran?

“Frankly, the maneuvers they conducted down here were so basic and rudimentary that they did not amount to anything, in my opinion.” — Navy Rear Adm. Tom Meek

I know that is probably what he is supposed to say, but it isn’t the exercises that are going to hurt anyone. It’s those big rusty weapons of mass destruction. Maybe they brought a few little goodies to Venezuela or Cuba. A little love offering for that Hugo Chavez oil? They already signed a billion dollar military loan to Venezuela and intend to build a nuclear reactor there. No concern?

“I don’t think anybody’s confused about the preponderance of power in the Western Hemisphere.” — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Terrorists don’t seem to understand the preponderance of power of the West. They are still able to cause much harm to people, property and the economy. The continuing actions of a hostile Russia, along with a lot of missing weapons of mass hurt isn’t a concern? Say it ain’t so.

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