Nobel Prize Nominee Disputes Terri Schiavo Autopsy Findings

Dr. William Hammesfahr, a Florida neurologist and Nobel Prize nominee for his work in medicine, has set the record straight on Terri Schiavo’s autopsy report. Not that it wasn’t obvious to at least some of us that Terri was more alert than the autopsy report said she could have been.

This is another piece of the puzzle from a credible source that as far as I know has gotten no news coverage from the major news media. Not that a story supporting the sanctity of life would be expected to get much coverage by liberal media. This is a top neurologist with first hand knowledge of the Schiavo case. Where are the interviews? As always, I’m disgusted but not surprised.

“Obviously, the pathologists comments that she could not see were not borne out by reality,” Hammesfahr said. That is a point that I made in a previous post. How can people be so easily swayed as to not believe their own eyes? He also said the loss in brain size could be due to 2 weeks of dehydration. Another point that I made immediately after the autopsy reports came out. He said Terri Schiavo was not checked for all types of physical abuse and there was agreement with Michael Schiavo’s neurologist that she had neck injuries. Going to be hard to do more checking on that since Michael Schiavo had her cremated. How convenient for him… Against her families wishes I might add. Michael, why didn’t you just let Terri’s family take care of her like they wanted to?

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