No War for Opium! – Anti-War Barack Obama Orders 17,000 Troops to Afghanistan

I guess Barack Obama must have misplaced the magic wand that was going to eliminate the need to send American troops to war. While we are still engaged in Iraq he is sending an additional 17,000 Americans into war in Afghanistan. Oh, the hypocrisy! Less than a month into his Presidency! Where are all the anti-war people now? The anti-war people said George W. Bush was in Iraq to steal the oil. Is Barack Obama in Afghanistan to steal the opium? It would be a lot easier to ship the opium than it would be a billion gallons of oil. One truckload should take care of the already dazed politicians in Washington.

Barack Obama probably feels going into Afghanistan is a way of making it look like he is willing to fight terrorists without the risk of losing lives as in Iraq. Historically speaking this is no playground in Afghanistan. The Russians and Brits can attest to that. Perhaps it is a token mission and they won’t be fully engaged over there.

Ironically, the only way to know if they are really engaged over there is if there are a large number of casualties. You just can’t battle these guys over there in that region without losing a lot of lives. Maybe Obama is sending them over there on R&R leave from Iraq and they will be lounging around blissfully in the poppy fields. Who knows? One thing we do know is that the anti-war Barack Obama is sending American soldiers into harms way.

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