New Jerry Seinfeld Television Show

Jerry Seinfeld is the executive producer and creator of a new television series called ‘The Marriage Ref’ to be aired by NBC. Celebrities, comedians and athletes will give comedic advice to fighting couples. The details aren’t real clear yet. While it may not sound too exciting on the surface, Jerry Seinfeld has a pretty good record. His other show ‘Seinfeld,’ the “show about nothing” is widely accepted as the best television series of all-time.

The show sounds a little like another show on cable called ‘World’s Dumbest’ or something like that, in which people like Danny Bonaduce and Leif Garrett make comments about botched robberies and such. You can be sure the celebrity guest list for ‘The Marriage Ref’ will be entertaining with Jerry Seinfeld behind the show. It will likely have a little more depth than the ‘World’s Dumbest’ show. Its kinda funny – the man behind he greatest TV show is doing a show with a similar premise to the ‘World’s Dumbest’ TV show. There’s some irony in there.

The show doesn’t start until the fall and it currently has six episodes on order for NBC. Reminds me of ‘Jerry,’ the pilot television show on ‘Seinfeld’ that was a spoof of the real show. This one is iffy, as was a show about nothing. If you really want a surefire hit just put out a show based on the characters of George Costanza or Cosmo Kramer. Guaranteed winners. I think maybe Jerry Seinfeld has been afraid they would be a little too successful.

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