New Axis of Evil – Yes, Iran is Still a Keeper

More proof of the terrorist breeding ground that is Iran. The reports are that 5 credible ex American hostages have identified Iran’s new president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as one of their captors. I heard that number has reached 6 but don’t know for sure as of this writing. Hard to believe that there are people who still think Israel is the cause of the problems in the Middle East.

Iran's President Before and After
Iran’s President: Before & After

I think we need a replacement for Iraq in the Axis of Evil. Yeah, I know Iraq is still a dangerous place but so is Los Angeles. But with the danger of the governments as a determining factor, Iraq has to be off that list right now. So who is their replacement? That’s a no brainer. China. You probably won’t hear President Bush say that. The only President in my lifetime who would have had the courage to say it would probably be Ronald Reagan. They are a danger in many ways and along with Iran and North Korea make up my new Axis of Evil. Ongoing….

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