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I wrote an article titled National Grid’s Dismal Ice Storm Response Shows Lack of Readiness For a Major Disaster on It was a bit lengthy for the blog, even by my standards, so I posted it over there. It is in regards to National Grid and power companies in general not being prepared for a major disaster.

Given that the state of New York managed to get large sums of money from FEMA to cover for National Grid’s inability to proactively deal with potential problems makes this subject of further importance. It is another example of a state getting a ton of money for not being prepared for something that was inevitable. David Paterson and Chuck Schumer had their hands out and now have a lot of federal money at their disposal which may or may not go where needed. Given the track record, I expect much of that will be squandered as well. Where is the accountability for what happened and what is being done to ensure the future safety of the people?

Feel free to publish that article on your own blog/site so long as it is not altered and it has a live visible link to as well. I have some other oldies but goodies posted over there for your reading pleasure as well.

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