Mugging Hoax – Was Girl Really an Obama Supporter?


Was the girl who carved a B on her own face and claimed she was attacked by a black Barack Obama supporter really am Obama supporter herself?

She was 20 years old. That fits the profile. She was a college student. Still staying within the profile. She was a young female. That’s 3 for 3.

Perhaps the biggest clue was the fact that it was so poorly conceived. It was almost like she wanted to get caught. Could she have been that dumb as to include an ATM machine in her story and not have any kind of time line even figured out? Add in a backwards B and you have a pretty shaky story for someone of a college education.

The hoax perpetrator might be someone with mental issues or she might be a Barack Obama supporter in disguise. One thing for sure, she does not fit the profile of the typical John Mccain supporter. I suspect the biggest hoax is where her support really lies.

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