More Legal System Injustice – Not Guilty of Rape in PA Sleepover

A 39 year old mother of 9 and 11 year old children who had confessed to series of bad judgements, including going into the shower with a minor, was found not guilty of statutory rape. I saw this story after posting about the O.J. Simpson mockery and felt I should put it up to show just how badly so many of these decisions seem to go. 

The mother of 2 who had the judgement to down a bottle of wine while in the presence of the children and also admitted to doing provocative dances with the kids was apparently more believable to someone on the jury than her accusers.

I think that instead of forcing people into jury duty and stocking juries with people for the wrong reason, perhaps there should be a basic aptitude test to serve on a jury. Shouldn’t there at least be some sense of basic equality assumed by jurors?

I guess the bottom line is whether or not someone is a further threat to society. I don’t think most people have lived in fear of an O.J. Simpson killing rampage. In fact, I think at the very least he is not threat to you unless you steal his stuff or have sex with his wife. Just my opinion. Would you on the other hand trust this woman to babysit your children or to be present at a sleepover with kids? Something to think about…

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