Mission Still Accomplished – Despite Phantom Quote

For those of you who are lied to by those who try to rewrite history, this blog’s for you. It was four years ago the speech took place that President Bush is often credited with saying the mission was accomplished. Aside from being a phantom quote, what those who wish to deceive you try to do is equate that with what’s going on in Iraq right now. The mission that was accomplished was removing Saddam Hussein. Saddam is still gone. He’s quite dead in fact.

Not only do they try to deceive the naive and people who are too busy to pay attention, they hide the fact that President Bush said repeatedly way back when that patience would be needed and that this would go on for a long time. I’ve heard him say it many times with my own ears and so have most of you. As time goes by and the same lies get repeated over and over it’s easy to forget. They repeat the lies so often they become accepted fact, even though they can’t prove their rhetoric.

Do you remember hearing President Bush saying mission accomplished? If you do, you are a victim of the repeated propaganda. You probably actually do remember seeing a banner with those words. A banner that came from the crew of the aircraft carrier from which he spoke. Something he actually did say was: “And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country.” It’s not a crime to forget that, but it ought to be a crime to try to convince people that certain things happened that didn’t. They are playing you for suckers.

It’s so bad that some people forget what they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. They are like parrots and just repeat the rhetoric they hear over and over. Sheeple. I’ll never understand why people would choose to believe those who have proven repeatedly to be liars. Why would you even want to be on the same side of people like that? It must be some kind of mental defect. In the case of terrorism, many choose to side with people who murder innocents, even their own children.

The only real and honest way to look at a war is from a historical perspective. When you do, you see that this war is more successful than most. It’s simply a fact. Look at the lives lost in World War I and World War II. Enormous losses in single battles. The fact that we tie the hands of the troops and make them scared to do their job certainly isn’t making things easier. They somehow have to now be perfect or else be treated like criminals. It’s even gotten to where they are guilty till proven innocent.

Did we support the troops in those other wars by telling them to run home where it’s safe so we could all become slaves? People would have been tried for treason for some of the things that are done today that encourage the enemy. Do you think they were parading around grieving family members and doing the propaganda work of our enemies? How disgusting is it to feed off the pain of those who have lost loved ones and try to use them to paralyze us from doing what needs to be done? To help an enemy by playing on people’s emotions like that would seem to be a form of terrorism in and of itself. The fact that a few family members are parading around who didn’t support their loved ones in the first place, disrespecting their memory, just shows how low some can go. Can you imagine not wanting a loved one to be considered a hero who served and died for their country? Shameless. How much of a reward would you need to piss on the grave of a loved one who died serving their country? There’s been a lot of new lows hit the last few years.

“Those we lost were last seen on duty. Their final act on this Earth was to fight a great evil and to bring liberty to others.”
— President Bush during the misrepresented Mission Accomplished Speech

When someone says that major combat operations are over, does that mean everything is over? There is violence all over the world, even in places that are considered peaceful. Why would anyone possibly believe that means we are completely done? What is going on now in Iraq is dirty and dangerous and often fatal, but it’s not major combat operations. Certainly not historically speaking, not unless the military has gone completely downhill and we don’t have sophisticated weaponry anymore. Otherwise, this is a dangerous police action, not major combat. It’s not even Shock ‘N Awe. Do you remember that? That was a pretty major operation. That was back when the politicians had the jewels to try to win. Or maybe it was that some of them didn’t have the jewels to speak up against it. You make the call. Either way we have more than a few people who could use a couple.

It’s one thing for someone to actually be against this military operation, but why do people have to lie about the facts? Why is it so hard to tell about all the infrastructure improvements and the accomplishments of American forces? You are told almost gleefully about the numbers of our own people who die like it’s a telethon and the deaths are dollars. The only thing missing are bells and whistles that go off in celebration of hitting certain milestones. How often do you hear the numbers of the terrorists killed? We are told we are losing the war, so enemy casualties must be less, right? Then again, we are also led to believe that most deaths are just innocent civilians.

If you listen to people like Rosie O’Donnell or John Kerry you wouldn’t expect our troops to be capable of winning. They are just dolts who can’t get a real job to people like that. It’s good to hear they support the troops. I guess they just don’t support the mission of sending idiots off into combat. I think if you have to lie or mislead, then you don’t really care about anything but politics and somehow enjoy hurting people who do care. Do you think people who mislead you are interested in your freedoms?

There’s more than a few people out there who feed on the uninformed. You’ve got the liberal politicians, the liberal media, and the anti-American sheep who repeat the same lies over and over. If you don’t like being played for a fool, you need to start paying attention. Once you know who isn’t interested in the truth you will at least know who to stop listening to. That’s half the battle. It’s not hard to see who they have invested their futures in. They’ve sold out the very people who made them who they are.

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